Niya C Sisk, design director, owner

Niya leverages her background in the behavioral sciences, writing, and graphic design to communicate the essence of business value and personality.

Niya was introduced to the intersection of technology and art through game design. She produced backgrounds for animated games at Spinnaker in Boston. After Spinnaker she joined Creative Services at Apple Computer as a visual designer with the system software team. There she helped localize iconography and UI to over 40 countries.

Today, Niya is focused on helping organizations modernize their brands and integrate AI into their business processes and brand voice. 

“Niya C Sisk of Activate Vision is responsible for our fantastic new membership website. Her primary goal, programming and developing a complex site, led as well to a clean and sophisticated design. We very much appreciate her being a tireless champion for us with the various plug-in developers with whom she worked.”

—David Zielonka, PPN board vice president Network, Bay Area California