Niya did a phenomenal job in my business coaching session!! I am still on a high from all the amazing information she gave. I’ve had my company for over 8 years, so I’m pretty confident with my brand and market. But Niya helped me to fine tune and realize that I was missing a whole new market that I could be targeting.
— Shafonne Myers, Pretty Pear Bride

Niya listens deeply and truly hears what her clients want. In designing my brand/website her ability to truly listen and grasp what I was wanting was on point and it continues to be on point. She pulled together the important elements that truly expressed my vision for my company website ~ first try! 

She does what she’s says she will do and then some.

Her creativity & ability to see the big picture and execute are truly rare. She pulls together lots of moving parts and doesn’t get lost on focusing on small details or drop the ball.  Her creativity adds to her ability to see the big picture.

I am so thankful for her and the work she has done and continues to do …and the friendship that has developed through this process.

— angie osborne,therapist and owner of wish breathe beleive


“Niya did a phenomenal job in my business strategy session!! I am still on a high from all the amazing information she gave. I've had my company for over 8 years, so I'm pretty confident with my brand and market.

Niya helped me to fine tune and realize that I was missing a whole new market that I could be targeting.

She helped me gain clarity on additional content that would have a huge impact on my offering and products down the line.  It was phenomenal how her intuitive nature really allowed her to pinpoint exactly what I was having issues with and then give outstanding creative advice to help unblock it.  She is top notch and should be a MUST for anyone who wants a new perspective or way to think about their business or idea.”

— Shafonne myers, owner of pretty pear bride

Inspiration for plus size brides.

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I own a boutique in Massachusetts and am investing in growing my on line business.  The key to my success is to have a web site that truly represents my business. 

Niya helped me identify exactly what it will take to get there. 

She gave me specific, clear recommendations along with options to provide a solution that will help me attain my goals and will work within my budget. Knowing she is there with solid design and technical skills as a partner to our success gives me great relief.

— susan daly, indigo of groton.

socially responsible business owner.


Niya has an instinctual, intuitive, dynamic approach to problem-identification and problem-solving.
She has a strong visual aesthetic.

She is "fearless" when it comes to experimentation and follow-through.

Niya’s coaching helped concretize and cultivate my artistic and personal development. I love that she is able to combine astute intuition with the practical experience of an accomplished artist and creative director who has clearly weathered the perennial ebbs and flows of the creative process. It was precious and judicious to have her in my corner each week.  

— Joel ficks, CFO, board director ICIX Sf Ca

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The right way to do something is the only way to do something — no half measures, even when you must work twice as hard or take the less popular route. Niya works diligently and with purpose. This manifests in various ways, but in terms of services and outcomes for clients, she is laser-sharp when it comes to matching client goals to suggested solutions.

Not just multiple skills, but high level multiple skills.

Niya offers a rare combination of in-depth experience and skill sets that I’ve witnessed as a marketing partner and when I’ve hired her to design my author website. She is not “just” a designer, not “just” a user experience design and research expert, not “just” a brand advisor. She’s the full deal.

— Tamela Viglione, Marketing Communications Strategist & Consultant, The Ilumina Group

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Niya has an intuitive sense of someone’s style that is aligned with their soul. 

She brings meaning and passion to the work which gets me excited about mine. 

Niya also has a balanced outlook on life and business. Pragmatic and organized, but still brings beauty and art to everything. 

I love all these things about her and have appreciated Niya’s influence on my business for the past 10 years!

— Lisha song, sacred healing place owner & therapist.

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Niya is a deep thinker. She certainly introduced fresh insights and innovative ideas on how to approach some particularly challenging design issues and integrate different types of functionality.

She also has an eye for detail and delivers excellent design work.

She also goes the extra mile when needed to meet deadlines and keep the commitments that she makes.

— allen walker, account manager blueshield bluecross hsq.

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I hired Niya to create the Miss Unlimited website. I love the result. I am also a collector of her large modern art paintings. Her bold colors and themes move me.

Niya’s top qualities are talent, work ethic, and determination. 

She is a self made woman who has managed to carve out a pretty cool niche for herself, and it had to have taken courage, focus, and organization.

— michelle wynn, founder of miss unlimited, celebrating the talent of girls with special needs.