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Research + Speaking

Research, Teaching and Speaking. SF State, KQED, Universal Studios, North Bay Multimedia Workshop, On-Site Trainings with Fortune 500 Companies.

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Empowering the Audience: Adjunct Professor SF State

This is a hands-on, interdisciplinary design literacy class. Fiction, chess, time, your sock drawer, and even your dreams have engaging and instructive design use in the product of design. This course broadens and deepens students’ critical thinking skills, creativity and conceptualization by using the world around us.

Brewer Science

Needed to penetrate more of Asia and modernize. They wanted to be able to communicate their history and team culture.Analysis on future trends based upon international market drivers and goals + onsite team workshops in Missouri to establish nomenclature. This report set up the work product sessions in a focused fashion.


Macromedia/Apple Final Cut Pro North Bay Workshop


When Niya Sisk was lead product designer for Macromedia's Final Cut Pro 1.0 (now an Apple product), she took apart and studied the innards of a VCR, looking for clues that could spark an apt design solution. This was the start of far-flung explorations into the physical world of film/video that culminated 15 months later with an interface that helped Final Cut Pro launch a revolution in film editing. ..

She dismantled the VCR, became fascinated with the tape heads (object), started drawing them, doing overlays, and playing with them as animation elements in the edit palette (objective).

"When you work in physical space, you get more functional cues and throughputs”

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Johnson Health Tech LTD

Johnson Health Tech North America was losing ROI in retail stores with the launch of their new line of Treadmill products. They engaged Niya to analyze target customers by providing on site usability and design workshops to the team. Together they identified the process issues between industrial designers and manufacturing and redesigned the consoles before the spring line released. This PDF is the outline of the on site design sessions.