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Microsoft TV

Microsoft Mediaroom (now Ericsson Mediaroom) needed to demonstrate Ai intelligence for a high level of personalized TV viewing and expository level of content awareness. Key design efforts revolved around what to show and hide during personalization of TV experiences and remote mapping.


Microsoft Mediaroom UX ID Project

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Microsoft Mediaroom is a software platform that powers broadcast-quality television and video services over broadband networks to consumer televisions, mobile phones, and other Internet capable devices. Mediaroom Powered TV services are delivering services to more than 4 million consumer households around the globe.

Make content that is most likely to be watched more efficient to find and convenient to watch.

Areas of design focus:

  1. Presentation logic so that content can change/disappear dynamically based on usage.

  2. Ability to add actors, keywords and programs to the queue.

  3. Remote menu to search behavior and affordances.

Usability Research:

  1. Scenario planning and wireframe plotting.

  2. Persona development.

I was part of the research and design group shaping their best in class user experience for the television customer. Team projects included user experience scenario modeling for incubator technologies with ATT, Sky, and European partners of Mediaroom and branding concept and ID designer for the UX ID and software team.

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My Mediaroom : UX studies between remote and on screen TV viewing.

TV Technology viewing studies. Wireframes and visual design to unpack the sensory to visual screen viewing user experience issues. Your Mediaroom consumer customization screen visual design support for broadband powered television.

An example of one throughput: Staging browse interaction over video playing NOW. We explored blank tiling support for several categories as well as automatic search access after too many blank tiles browsed. 

1. On Now-- blank tile, Guide
2. Recordings -- blank tile, Recorded TV
3. Subscriptions HBO -- blank tile, On Demand
4. Recommended--blank tile: Search, Settings

Contoso TV personalization.jpg

Personalization Scenarios

1. Francesca and her husband sit down in the family room to unwind after the kids are in bed on Friday night. They always enjoy this time after the kids have gone to bed to watch ‘their shows’ rather than kids’ shows or family shows. They access My Mediaroom to help them decide what to watch.

(Recent recording, Content typically consumed at a point in time)

2. Every Monday night at 11, Antonio catches up on the latest episode of House that she recorded.

4. Mario fell asleep while watching Iron Man which he rented. He turns on the TV and wants to see the ending.

Search and settings sticky buttons.

Search and settings sticky buttons.

Transparency studies for personalization hubs - wynne's hub.

Transparency studies for personalization hubs - wynne's hub.