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Entrepreneur Film Series


The Oregon Entrepreneur Network had a great track record in the past of sharing startup stories, but they needed a more dynamic and visible narrative campaign to help them communicate the concrete, specific ways that OEN has helped startups grow and thrive. 

I wrote a script based on Joseph Cambell's hero journey and directed the films of four OEN connected successful entrepreneurs. Interviewed each business owner and designed companion 35 page booklets for OEN's marketing needs.

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Oregon Entrepreneur Network Film Campaign +
Book of Stories

“I don’t know any entrepreneur who at one time or another hasn’t been crippled with self-doubt. Fear is something you live with every day.” Emma McIlroy

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the films

Moved to tears many times by the entrepreneurs and moved to inspired action by the team. A great team. Watch the films. Start with Paige Hendrix Buckner of Client Joy.

Creative Lead and Writing: Niya Sisk |
Videography: Shanti Martin, Freedom Street Studios |
Photography: Shanti Martin, Niya Sisk, Edis Jurcys |
Content & Design: David McLaughlin and Niya Sisk |
OEN Marketing Director: Kerala Taylor |