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—  About Niya C Sisk MFA

Niya C Sisk is passionate about the art of communications with words, media and deliberate design thinking that surfaces deeper motivations.

She strives for the right balance of imagination, innovation and consistency in all aspects of design. Niya has degrees in psychology and writing as well as a lifelong background in the visual arts. Significant design accomplishments include the initial foundation setting visual design for Final Cut Pro, Claris Corporation, as well as website portal design for APX Environmental Markets and documentary film writer and director for The Oregon Entrepreneur Forum. Niya’s articles on color and semiotics underscore the importance of effective symbol and language cues, and have appeared in Communication Arts Magazine, the Design Annual.

In her other life she creates abstract paintings and commercial art. She generally has an endless supply of strong coffee, a pen and blank journal around for crazy book ideas. Her rabbit Max is known for enduring road trip adventures and failed cooking experiments. She lives in Northern CA.


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