activate! get perspective and build emotional connection with everyone who engages with your business. activate! helps modern businesses reimagine new experiences and lead with creative thinking.


Hello, my name is Niya. I support business leaders in simplifying, concretizing and bravely inventing new industries and markets with design.

I believe business has the power to increase quality of life, fulfill personal purpose and transform customers into brand family. SIMPLIFY TO AMPLIFY is a guiding principle I find indisputable.

I work with leaders first as a consultant where we gain perspective and focus and second as a digital crafter and communications steward. That is, we activate, addresses obstacles and craft communication with your customers. We arrive at the most essential path that moves your business the furthest fastest. It starts with a 30 minute conversation.


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Working with Niya was a powerful experience with stellar results.

She brings an amazing depth of technical and design experience. As well as beautifully integrated with an extraordinary creativity and business branding savvy. This was exactly what I wanted and needed to finally get my fiction author platform built and launched. I knew going in that good things would happen, but I have to say, my expectations were greatly exceeded. Breakthroughs happened for me that I never expected, in terms of branding possibilities, and the online “home”

She built a structured and beautifully executed online platform to express my presence as an author. She excels not only in the experience aspect, but also, in its solid, yet flexible framing. On top of that, I greatly appreciated Niya’s work ethic as well as her intelligent and supportive approach. She is a true professional and a gifted communications designer who will not hesitate to (gently!) coach and challenge you in order to ensure the best possible outcome for you and your ventures.


What a breath of fresh air, speaking with Niya!  She spent time talking about my ideas for business, offering insightful suggestions and asking tough, but necessary questions. 

I loved the exploratory nature of Niya's approach.  Her style is so relatable and accessible.  She creatively infuses her lived experience with others in a caring, constructive manner.  She encouraged me to nourish the space (discovery) I'm in right now and to be more clear about what I can offer potential clients, while continuing my love for writing. 

I highly recommend Niya for any small businesses and non-profit with brand identity and accomplishing goals.

Design is where science and art break even
— Robin Mathew
“You really have to love yourself to get anything done in this world.”.jpg