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Mobile First Care Enablement

Cambia Health Solutions/ HealthSparq Technology.
Helping Blue Cross Blue Shield health care plan members make better, smarter, more empowered healthcare choices with cost transparency, information served at the right time and data insight interpreted into the context of how members get care.

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Strengthening Healthcare Choices with API Personalization

Challenge: Based on over thirty in-person interviews with Health Systems, the development of a mobile first solution that supports consumers healthcare decisions with intelligent and actionable recommendations. The tool needed to functionally: 

  • Register symptom to condition algorithms that drives medical recommendations

  • Schedule appointments for medical services

  • View cost to facilitate empowered healthcare choices

  • Utilize virtual medicine by enabling a tele-health visit

Insight: The importance of personalization is essential to meet members at their point of need as well as to capture the right data that is useful in doing so. For instance, when it comes to pharmacare, sometimes that’s just being available for a conversation and providing guidance.

By putting personalization first patient care is reinforced and Health systems are able to drive down costs, increase efficiency and engage with their patients.

The symptom algorithm became the integrative design element that increased personalization and decreased time to care.

Outcome: Mobile device usage since 2011 has more than doubled. Our devices can save lives in critical situations. Utilizing rapid prototyping methods and gathering data throughout. This digital solution is now live. The demo can be viewed here.

Plan members are now able to utilize this API at any time of the day or night to get the care they need within minutes. Health systems can utilize the data to provide targeted education in medication and cost transparency that builds consumer loyalty.

Early Prototype

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Design Thinking Sessions

Conceptual reviews every 4 days



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Challenge: There are over 70 plans that the HealthSparq tool caters to as a white label service. The relationship between health systems, insurance and UX patterns over 70 health plans are not elegant. There is a large margin of inconsistency and frustration.

Insight: The research and design team addressed the design issues by through a ticket request system. As the CX lead I was responsible for the design proposals and presentations to Regence, Blue Cross Blue Shield. As well as project management with the team and research protocols.

Outcomes: Each design solution went through rigorous iteration and usability testing. An example of success was radical design to the Blue Distinction Finder that included a new interface that collapsed several layers of search into one. BCBS approved and licensed this design.

DESIGN SYSTEM Project Manager + Design Lead


“I had the pleasure of working with Niya on some creative projects. She is a deep thinker. She certainly introduced fresh insights and innovative ideas on how to approach some particularly challenging design issues and integrate different types of functionality. She also has an eye for detail and delivers excellent design work. She also goes the extra mile when needed to meet deadlines and keep the commitments that she makes. I recommend Niya as an excellent designer who can compliment software development teams and improve product delivery!”

~ Allen Walker, Product Manager at HealthSparq

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Challenge: With technical debit mounting and clients making design decisions that disrupted consistent patterns it was imperative that HealthSparq create a design system for cross discipline teams: design and research, UI developers, client services, documentation, and sales teams for client demos. However, the challenge of creating a system that technical teams, marketing and business services could use required strategy.

Insight: HealthSparq is a while label service for 70 health plans. The cost of producing software would be reduced due to efficiencies in place. With the duplication of effort reduced and UX principles in place the design/research driven culture would lead the visual, content language and establish a logical pattern library for plans. To create a way for different stakeholders to access the knowledge management system it took a scaffolding approach.

Outcome: As the project manager I vetted a few different approaches with the research and design team. Given that healthcare is layered and departmental needs are varied, the creation of patterns that had concrete rule as well business process UX principles would work well. However, the team wanted to set the foundation with atomic design and build the nuances of business process rules on a timeline. And this is now in place.