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smartmockups_k1tvyww4.jpg SAAS Product Design software as a service helps businesses get paid and pay bills faster. See some samples of the thinking goes into critical path business design.

Automating complex financial transactions with ease

Challenge: In this agile environment of long sprint cycles design success was measured in micro-movements. The sample below engages the challenge of integrating the business model in-system vendors with out of system vendors. In this case, search algorithms are sensitive to the fact that the user doesn’t know the email.

Insight: The visual system for business badges as well as facilitating banners on the user journey is high priority when it comes to efficiently connecting vendors into the system. As well as to be able to invite them and communicate how the invite scales.

Outcome: For each instantiation of design, the system had to be iron clad. Mission critical software requires a sharp team of design leaders, stakeholders, writers, researchers, testers and developers who catch any inconsistency. Due to the strength of the team, my designs got developed throughout the sprints.

BANNER-5 copy.png

Strategies for distinguishing large billers

Screen Shot 2018-09-20 at 10.14.20 AM.png
Screen Shot 2018-09-20 at 10.14.54 AM.png

The visual challenge was that orange was used both to signify eScore and a large biller profile. Strategically we needed a new color or a new gray tone to signify a large biller. I suggested we the limited color because it stood out against the entire palette. Large billers occupied a strong portion of the business. The distinction was an important one.


“Niya is a fantastic designer, with an excellent eye for detail. She readily took up the challenge of mocking up UI for a very complicated product, learned complex workflows quickly, and handled feedback really well. She is flexible when it comes to meetings, deadlines, and remote coworkers, and always delivered clean, detail-oriented work that was easy to collaborate with.
Aside from general professional excellence, Niya is really fun and awesome to work with. She's really nice, full of creativity, and in general, brought a fun, friendly, artistic atmosphere to the office. I highly recommend her to all future employers. She's an asset, anyway you slice it.”

~ Amelia Goldberg, User Experience Design Writer at