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let’s activate strategy! session

Perfect for team leaders, business owners, start ups, VC pre and post launch activity.

Sometimes we need a little support to get to the next level.

This strategy sessions are creative design and business thinking and concrete recommendations backed by tools and resources to get your communications on track and infuse the positive spark your business deserves.

Is this you?

  • You have a website that is dusty and needs a refresh?

  • You're thinking about a new offering or service, but want a professional opinion before you do.

  • You have data but need an experienced consumer designer to help you read and implement it in your marketing plan and website.

  • You are adding a print or film campaign to your market strategy and need help integrating it in a seamless fashion.

  • You have ideas you want to activate and need resources, ideas and strategic checkpoints to stay on track with business goals with impact.

activate! strategy sessions are custom-tailored for your unique business goals.
You'll get recommendations, resources, assessment and actionable strategies to implement on your site and in your business communications.

Your Session Includes:

Custom video review of your branding in action

The initial focus is on your website because this is the hub of communications with your customer. I will help you simplify to amplify by bringing my 20+ years of experience, research, resources and help you make your website more effective, easy to use and convert visitors into buyers.

60 minute live session

I will send you a brief questionnaire to help guide focus and preliminary research for the 60 minute live session. This session is recorded for your reference to review at your convenience.

How it works

Sessions are held via phone or Zoom video. During our session you'll receive on the spot design thinking, concrete business recommendations and tools and resources that promote your business goals to the next level.

Investment: $495 initial session
Session packages available for ongoing support after initial session is completed.


activate impact! program

Great for you if you are ready to build and launch a next level campaign, new website, product event. Something new and a little risky.

You've been in business for a while - or you're branching out on your own.

You've got a site and marketing system, maybe a product suite (SAAS) or subscription business model. You have some insight into your customers needs and frustrations. You may have hired a professional to implement your brand. But you don’t know what to do next.

You’re overwhelmed by what everyone says you "have to do" and frankly, you just want to be told what to do. Overwhelmed by the fact that all priorities are high priority you continue to stir the oatmeal and meet the minimum daily requirements to keep everything moving along.

I work with business leaders to make smart decisions about their communications design and customer impact.

I’ve helped conceptualize communications strategies from scratch, create and launch dozens successful websites, software interfaces, research programs, copywriting, print and digital advertising campaigns for my clients - from membership sites, branded events, to online conferences to online courses and digital products. Want a concrete evaluation of what it's going to take to build and maintain a communications plan and artifacts for your business? You're in the right place.

  • Create marketing activities that are easily absorbed into the company systems and processes

  • Make strategic design decisions based on your personal data - particularly around point of engagement/purchase activities

  • Craft a plan that is easy to implement and inspiring

  • Create a content library of assets that is not only compelling to your growing brand but includes a strategic execution guide for the sake of clarity and consistency

  • Serve the people you intend to serve — don’t be jerked around by the market

Because isn’t that why you created your own business in the first place?

The activate! impact program covers:

  • Service design analysis and communications assessment

  • Current vision review

  • Systems and process analysis

  • Lead generation and customer acquisition

  • User experience and customer journeys

  • Wireframes, animated prototyping

  • Sales team support

  • Communications system guide

  • Product ideation, execution and evaluation

  • Data deep-dive and recommendations

Investment starts at: $5000.00
activate! takes on a limited number of clients per quarter.

Weekend off-sites are available in the Bay Area Ca per request. Separate fees applicable.


activate - the full boat!

Need a trusted partner to ideate, design, develop your big idea business or reinvent a portion of your current business?

Perfect for you if you need the full communications design branded products and services, website, social media program, SEO plan and implementation, branded events, marketing plan, technical implementation, data strategy and research plan, design guide, on site employee training, resources and connections. The partnership is fully scoped based on your current business blueprint and future business goals. activate! is resourced with a long history of Bay Area talent and resources to support the unique and complex needs of a business in creation at various levels of maturation.

Investment varies based on business need. The activate! partner program starts at $7,000.00 monthly — minimum 3 month retainer.

activate! takes on a limited Currently there is 1 opening for the partnership offer.

Updated June 17, 2019