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Connected Car Brand Strategy

Derive Systems rates high in performance for enthusiasts and fuel efficiency/safety offerings for their fleet business. This is a brand strategy and product adoption study that strategically extends the fleet brand into their future.

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Challenge: The challenge was to imagine a new car experience by upgrading the current Derive product suite and educate constituents on what’s coming.

Starting with app adoption into partner brands. Eventually all products under the same umbrella and philosophy. 

Insight: I saw three possible approaches to designing the brand as well as the product that enables the technology.

1. Cloud based port adapter. Requires only an account, hook up, dongle and a smart phone.

2. Dongle OBDII port + physical mounted product for safety and security. The physical product could possibly be a keyless program as cars evolve to have embedded keyless chips. Explore ways to utilize iOT sensors.

3. Subscription based and blue tooth requirements. This would be informed by specific market plans within the company and integrated into the brand strategy. 

Outcome: I chose number 2 based on the current customer base that counts on the hub company for safety and security as well as efficiency. I created a suite of mock applications and used color strategically.

Niagra Blue -infotainment app- is the new white in car purchasing behavior 2017-18. The company website blue is periwinkle. The colors of the future are predicting a more integrated global intelligence in the muted blues.

Yellow signifies the power of the sun.

Niagra blue’s accent color Pantone Paradise. And aqua blue is a global car positive purchase color. Primrose yellow represents positivity; hope and prosperity. A perfect compliment to Niagra. 


Recommended a roll out that eliminates the alarming reds in the current brand and considers a full color system based on the meaning of yellow and blue.

Tri-Brand Approach

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Hardware: A Mounted Console

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Hardware as a safety requirement in case of an accident is a nice feature to add. Mounted on the dashboard isn't ideal due to the amount of functionality utilizing the dashboard. Explore industrial designs that could mount on the rearview mirror staph or attach under the dashboard. Currently this company mounts the device to the window which obscures near-vision and interrupts far-vision. Opportunity for a more savvy solution.