I had the good fortune to work with Niya in her role as CX Design Lead while I was running the Engineering team at HealthSparq. She reached out early on to learn more about the engineering and product worlds outside her department, then took the initiative to bring stakeholders together and drive process improvements that encouraged more effective collaboration across our teams. I'd recommend Niya if you're looking for a highly creative person who can help redefine the box and bring new ideas to fruition.

ALLEN WALKER Product Owner + Technology Warrior HEALTHSPARQ

I had the pleasure of working with Niya on some creative projects. She is a deep thinker. She certainly introduced fresh insights and innovative ideas on how to approach some particularly challenging design issues and integrate different types of functionality. She also has an eye for detail and delivers excellent design work. She also goes the extra mile when needed to meet deadlines and keep the commitments that she makes. I recommend Niya as an excellent designer who can compliment software development teams and improve product delivery!

Chris Mejia, Mobile Advertising Product Manager, AMAZON

As a branding/UX design expert for Brewer Science, Niya brought her numerous talents and vast experience in marketing, communications, and research to help us develop a meaningful and unique brand. It is clear that she has a firm grasp of the entire branding process. More importantly, she excelled at understanding what we wanted our brand to be. Niya was able to synthesize input from dozens of employees into a clear, cohesive set of brand principles and functional requirements for our website audience. 

She is not a consultant that will just tell you the “right” way to do something - Niya is an active collaborator who will dive in and do the work right alongside you. The end result is a truly unique and personalized brand, something all companies should aspire to. 

Hilary Parker, Executive Director at Verge Theatre

Niya's creative genius is evident in everything she does. Her portfolio is one of the best in the business, as her list of Big Time Clients shows. But what makes her an outstanding team member isn't this creativity alone. Rather, it's the fact that she's also an extremely hard worker and a great listener. Niya also knows when to stand up for something crucial to the brand as well as when to back off and let a client's preferences lead the way, making her easy to work with. Finally, Niya stays on top of deadlines and keeps track of details. A lot of creative people aren't terribly detail-oriented, but Niya is great at seeing things in both a meta and micro-capacity. 

I'd work with her again in a heartbeat, because she makes everyone on her team look good!

Amelia Goldberg, UX Writer | BILL.COM

Niya is a fantastic designer, with an excellent eye for detail. She readily took up the challenge of mocking up UI for a very complicated product, learned complex workflows quickly, and handled feedback really well. She is flexible when it comes to meetings, deadlines, and remote coworkers, and always delivered clean, detail-oriented work that was easy to collaborate with. 

Aside from general professional excellence, Niya is really fun and awesome to work with. She's really nice, full of creativity, and in general, brought a fun, friendly, artistic atmosphere to the office. I highly recommend her to all future employers. She's an asset, anyway you slice it.

Matthew Loewengart, Product Marketing Manager | Equilibrium Software

Niya was a key element in the development of Equilibrium's new MediaRich Publishing Platform. She is one of the few designers who has both the artistic and technical expertise necessary for great User Interface design.  Her creative energy and strategic thinking was a real asset to the development of our customer interface, especially when trying to convey the simplicity that MediaRich brings to Web development.

Adam Miller, CEO | Loyal Patron

I hired Niya to perform a branding make over of our company, Loyal Patron, LLC. The deliverable resulted in a new corporate identity (logo) and website architecture I can honestly say represents a 100 fold upgrade from our existing web presence. Her super-human level of creative thought and precision commitment to her craft knows no boundaries. Niya is one of those rare creative geniuses with business skills to match and I'd recommend her to anybody.