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Niya Bio

Professional Synopsis



Niya brings two decades of design for products and global brands. An emphasis on design thinking and the quality of emotional design. Maximizing user engagement for brands such as Microsoft TV, eBay local commerce, Macromedia Video Software Final Cut Pro, Adobe Print Technology, Apple new product campaigns. Expert in providing a compelling user experience to improve brand ritual, customer desire and daily workflow/purchase and engagement.

Niya's career began at Apple Computer as a visual designer and infomercial co-producer for Apple Europe's Powerbook campaign and then as a graphic / experience designer on Steve Jobs creative services team helping to uncover the 'intuitive' in user interface design. She went on to form her own consultancy firm and explore the community of experience design by speaking and teaching.

Published Books and Magazines: Niya is the author of 9 published books and founder of 2 magazines. She is currently writing a series of non-fiction books that focus on innovation processes that result in more creative leadership in lives and business. She is a passionate storyteller. 

Niya likes to work by referral. So feel free to connect -- meet on video/voice or for a cup of coffee to learn more about your business needs, pains and ideas.